Lin Pardey: New Book and Seminar in Port Townsend

TT imageI’ve had the pleasure to work with Lin Pardey in recent years on two projects. First, when I worked on the editing team for Voyaging with Kids, a book that collects stories and advice from numerous families sailing with kids of all ages, and then when I edited her new book, a memoir from her early years on the second boat she built with her husband and lifelong partner, Larry. Taleisin’s Tales is forthcoming, to be launched at the 40th Anniversary Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival — watch for it!
And you can meet Lin in Port Townsend, when she offers a seminar based on her first-hand experience of living, loving and working aboard…

lin-larry-pardeyWriting, Videos, Blogging – How to make it pay

3-hour special seminar with Lin Pardey


Can you top up your cruising kitty by writing? How do you sell that first sailing article?  What will make your voyaging blog stand out from the rest?  How do you keep folks watching your videos?  


Lin Pardey will share tips and ideas on what nautical readers and viewers want to know, how to insure your illustrations not only add information to your stories but attract people’s attention. She’ll show how to get noticed by editors, ways to present work that sells and ideas for expanding your markets.


A discussion of what returns you can expect for your work will be included along with the pitfalls and the practicalities of adding writing, blogging, photography and video to your cruising life. Book creation and publishing will be covered, including the realities of self-publishing.



About Lin Pardey:

Lin Pardey wrote her first sailing article three years after she started voyaging with Larry on board their 24 foot self-built, engine-free cutter Seraffyn. During the next 45 years literally hundreds of her articles have appeared in magazines around the world. Working alongside her partner, Larry, she has created 5 successful DVD programs, condensed versions of which have appeared on PBS.  She has, with Larry, written 12 books which have been translated into 6 different languages and sold more than 350,000 copies. The first seven of her books were produced by major New York publishers. Eighteen years ago she began publishing her own titles. Her 13th book, Taleisin’s Tales is being launched at the 40th anniversary, Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival.  Lin is also publishing nautical titles by other sailors under the L&L Pardey logo.



Included with the seminar price is a ½ hour one-on-one consultation period to be scheduled during the course of the festival.


Price –  $60.00

sign-up Lin Pardey’s Writing Seminar | Northwest Maritime Center


More at Lin’s and Larry’s blog.

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