Publications & Awards

Fiction, Poetry and Interviews

“Arrival in Fatu Hiva” (poetry), JAAM, forthcoming October 2013

“Pilkunnussijas Speak Out” (creative grammar discussion), Awkword Paper Cut, September 2013

“Constellations” (prose poetry), Olentangy Review, September 2013

“Aquinas, Acid and Me” (flash), A Minor Magazine, September 2013

“X” (flash), Prime Number Magazine, September 2013

“Dinner Discourse: Six Writers Share a Meal” (creative non-fiction), Awkword Paper Cut, August 2013

“What we know” (poetry), Reactor: collaboration with visual artists and poets, Geoff Wilson Gallery, Whangarei, New Zealand, August 2013

“Stay” (poetry), Live Lines, forthcoming August 2013

“Letting Poetry, Prose and Conversation Flow”, Awkword Paper Cut, July 2013

“View from Pencarrow” (poetry), Take Flight Arts Journal inaugural edition, June 2013

“Wandering” (flash), FlashFlood, June 2013

“What Matters Most in Flash” (article/interview), Awkword Paper Cut, May 2013

“Sea Song” (poetry), Art Beat installation, February 2013

“Wanderer” (flash), Microw: Luminous, February 2013

Interview (and judge of year-end competition), Flash Fiction World, December 2012

Two poems at Drunken Boat, July 2012

Three poems at Blackmail Press, July 2012

Interview, Six Questions For…, June 2012

Expat author interview with Christopher Allen, travel writer and editor at Metazen, March 2012

“Gone” (poetry), collaboration with painter Allan Gorman, Poets and Artists #31, January 2012

“Nails R Us” (short story), collaborative short story writing with Meg Tuite, Sara Lippmann and Jen Knox, Used Furniture Review, October 2011

“Departures” (creative non-fiction), ROOM Magazine, Summer 2011

“Bird” (poetry), OCHO #31, May 2011

“Latitude Adjustment” (poetry), Poets and Artists #24, April 2011

“Urban Longing” (flash), A-Minor Magazine, April 2011

“This Week’s To Do List” (flash), THIS Literary Magazine, March/April 2011

Interview with Susan Tepper at Fictionaut, March 2011

“Stay” (poetry), Ramshackle Review, March 2011

Introduction to Walter Bjorkman, Elsie’s World, Casa Menendez March 2011

“Time to Rest” (prose poetry), Istanbul Literary Review, January 2011

“Two Landscapes” (flash), Istanbul Literary Review, January 2011

“Peach and My Chevy” (flash), A-Minor Magazine, December 2010

“The Chair” (flash), Used Furniture Review, November 2010

“Elephant” (flash), Ramshackle Review, September 2010

“Crush” (flash), The Linnet’s Wings, Fall 2010

“Almost There” (creative non-fiction/ short story), BluePrint Review, August 2010 — nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Bedtime Story” (flash), Gloom Cupboard, August 2010

“Pi in the Sky” (creative non-fiction), Metazen, July 2010

“A Knobby Thing” (flash), Like Birds Lit, June 2010

“Routine” (flash), Six Sentences, May 2010

“Love, Story” (short story) Metazen, May 2010

Interview with Metazen, May 2010

Readings and Presentations

Poetry reading, rhythm n verse, Auckland, May 2013

Guest lecturer on writing outside the bounds, St. Cuthbert’s School for Girls Writers’ Series, April 2013

Poetry and Flash Reading, Spit.It.Out. Series, Auckland Fringe Festival, March 2013

52:250 Flash Fiction Reading, KGB Bar & Lit Series, NYC, December 2012

“History as story-telling: fact, fiction and the space between”, Auckland Museum Society’s Café Scientifique series, October 2012

“Traversing the Line between fact and fiction” – SMART TALKS, Whangarei, August 2012

“Sea stories” – poetry reading at University of Auckland LOUNGE Series, August 2012

Guest Poet at Auckland’s Poetry Live, July 2012


Awards and Nominations

2012 New Zealand Society of Authors/ Auckland Museum Library Research Grant recipient

Glass Woman Fiction Finalist, March 2013

Glass Woman Fiction Finalist, March 2012

Glass Woman Ghost Story Competition Top Contender, 2011

Pushcart Prize nominee, 2010

Character Study Competition Winner, Words with JAM, May 2010

Opening Lines Competition Winner, Words with JAM, March 2010


Travel and Sailing Articles

“Clear Communication and Good Safety Habits”, Cruising World, March 2012

“Brighten Your Life: Paint Your Boat”, Cruising World, April 2011

“Think Small, Dream Big”, Latitudes and Attitudes, November 2010

“Sailing Safely with Small Children: Modifications and Equipment”, Latitudes and Attitudes, December 2010

“Making Contact”, Blue Water Sailing, October 2010

“Making the Shift from Land to Sea”, Liveaboard Magazine, September/October 2010

“Debunking the Baby Myth”, Blue Water Sailing, August 2010

“Up Close and Personal with Chilis”, Latitudes and Attitudes, August 2010

“Between Yesterday and Tomorrow on Palmerston Island”, Blue Water Sailing, April 2010

“Landfall at Pebble Beach”, Sail, March 2010

“International Women’s Day Then and Now”, Women and Cruising, March 2010

“Shipboard Democracy and Chain of Command”, Women and Cruising, February 2010

“The Kindness of Strangers: How One Cruising Community Got a Sailor Sailing Again”, Blue Water Sailing, August 2007

“The Rise of the Phoenix”, Latitudes and Attitudes, May 2007

“24 Hours in La Paz: A True Story of Loss and Love”, Latitudes and Attitudes, April 2007

In Shaadi Style Magazine, 2003 – 2006

“Off the Beaten Path: New Zealand, Yukon, Iceland, Japan”

“Set Sail on a Romantic Cruise for Two”

“Island Destinations: Ireland, Venice, Hawaii, Maine, Vancouver”

“Top Honeymoon Cities: Paris, Quebec, Istanbul, Sri Lanka and New Orleans”

“Canada’s Magical Maritimes: A Honeymoon of Adventure and Romance”

“Dessert Ideas: Talking Sweets with Upstairs on the Square”

“Unique Rings: Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Band”

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