Michelle Elvy is an editor, writing coach and manuscript assessor. Her experience includes academic articles, translated texts, corporate publications, creative fiction and non-fiction as well as an educational manuscript on behavioural patterns in the workplace and home. Her current work includes two novels and a handful of historical articles translated into English from German.

Contact Michelle to tell her about your work-in-progress:

michelle[dot]elvy[at]gmail[dot]com / Facebook / Twitter


Michelle edits online at:

Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction, a New Zealand flash fiction challenge and competition site

Blue Five Notebook, an online journal publishing poetry for ten years and flash fiction since 2011

Other projects include:

Flash Mob 2013, the International Flash Fiction Day Competition

National Flash Fiction Day, New Zealand’s annual celebration of the shortest form, on the shortest day of the year (June 22)

 An Aotearoa Affair, a Blog Fest from Kiel to Kaitaia, edited with Dorothee Lang in Germany, dedicated to connecting German and New Zealand writers in connection with the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair

52:250 A Year of Flash, a year-long writing challenge that grew to include over 180 writers and artists from around the world

A Baker’s Dozen: 13 extraordinary things, a quarterly journal featuring experimental writing, art and experiences

Michelle edits in US, British and Kiwi English. Most pages on this site reflect New Zealand spellings and punctuation, but many posts reflect American spellings and punctuations if they were written for North American publications.

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