Tuesday Poem: ‘Seasalt’ by Lola Elvy


Silence. The sun is gone now, hiding behind the shallow clouds that hang like curtains above our heads, offering us the illusion of belief, the religion of Infinity. Rest in the safety of the nighttime dark, the shade beneath the evergreens, their leaves heavy with the snow that we have never seen. There is rhythm here; you can feel the moon’s pulse quicken and slow as it dilates against the dawn, as it pulls, gently, evocatively, at the swelling tides, its touch soothing their urge to break with the sky when morning comes. This is the breath of the earth, when the wind brushes across the sifting sands, bone-dry, sure and inconstant, and we cannot understand its meaning, running deeper than our marrow, faster than our hearts can even beat our burning blood, but still, we try, because we can do nothing else but try. And we think about this, together in our disparate individuality, your hand wrapped tightly around mine, the stars limited as they fade above us, the rain pure as it starts to fall, washing the soft kiss of seasalt from your skin.

-Lola Elvy

Written 2015, October 29
05:58 pm


I’m glad to post this prose poem by my daughter Lola as the last for a while in my Tuesday Poem posts. TP has had an amazing run but is taking a quieter tack for a while, and though we’re all sad to see it change course, I’m so fortunate to have been a part of this community of poets.

The last poem posted this year is a whopper, bursting with energy and movement and bonhomie, culled by TP founders Mary McCallum and Claire Beynon from member poets fine phrasings over five years. It’s a remarkable tribute to this creative community, appropriately called And now I know what I didn’t know then’.

Mary and Claire write:

Today we are drawing a circle around five years of Tuesday Poem. This does not, however, mean ‘The End’. Something almost always follows a full stop.

Drawing a circle around the community and words feels so warm, so right. Thank you, Mary and Claire! And thank you, all of you, in the Tuesday Poem collective!

Some TP members will continue to post their poems weekly. And the main Tuesday Poem hub’s archives are there for all to enjoy. So please check out the other poets who have contributed so many words and images over the years — you can find them in the sidebar on the left of the main site page.

Tuesday Poem For more Tuesday Poems, go here.


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5 Responses to Tuesday Poem: ‘Seasalt’ by Lola Elvy

  1. Jodine says:

    Beautiful and descriptive! My mind conjures up images of sunset. How do I submit to Tuesday poems, or submit anywhere to you. I’ve written some lovely poetry… Jx

  2. No, no poetry. See the website for details. Sorry! 🙂

  3. I love the feel of this poem. I read another one recently by Lola I think ? Do hope she keeps writing
    It’s beautiful. Have a wonderful Christmas all of you.

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