Tuesday Poem: Three haiku by me

Three haiku

Shadows and light haunt through dark
trees, dusky hulks glowing with
pale paperthin skin

Sea splashes, splinters the sky
the ship ploughs on, oak
bow shattering mirror waves

His old shirt: sharp cedar smells
whispering through time
to a forest of peace, love

I wrote these haiku as part of the Iowa Writers Program online workshop series. During the first week of “How Writers Write Fiction” we were asked to think about opening lines and poetry in prose — and we discussed how image and the succinct nature of poetry can be used in story writing. This was fun to think about. I am not a practitioner of haiku, but there’s something about the brevity of haiku — the snapshot captured — and the reverence for nature in traditional haiku, that I really love. My youngest daughter loves haiku and has written some wonderful lines as well. I shared a haiku she wrote when she as eight here.

I can’t say whether any of my short pieces are successful in terms of being memorable haiku, but I like how they make me think of potentially opening images of stories to come. Or an image that may creep into a story.


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