Seeing past first impressions

DSC_0042from the opening of a piece on Ambon City, Indonesia, posted at our sailing website:

Had we let our first impressions guide us, we’d never have stayed nearly three weeks in Ambon City. Nestled a good ten nautical miles up the inlet that runs into the center of Ambon Island, Ambon City is the capital of the Maluku province of Indonesia and historically served as the regional center of the Dutch colonial administration. It’s a relatively large city in eastern Indonesia, with a gubernatorial office, bustling streets, varied and imposing architecture, a university, military parade grounds and a large shopping mall (where we discovered, among other things, Indonesian donuts that rival Krispy Kremes).

Ambon river trash (and more trash)Our first impressions of Ambon, however, had to do with religious strife and the abundance of rubbish. And those were not pretty early encounters. But we stayed long enough to become familiar with an incredibly helpful Coast Guard unit, smiling local shop-owners and the varied means of transportation.


For more, please go here. With lots of photos too. 


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