X then and now…and inspiring a short story

I recently read a brief interview with John Doe about the return of X in a new souped-up-acoustic version of their groundbreaking punk sound. They’re currently on tour stateside and John Doe talks about their so-called “reunion” that has fans rather excited. From the article:

“Punk music is Americana!”  Doe asserts.  “We brought rock and roll back to its roots, to where it began. Punk is all about roots.”

He goes on to talk about how, back then, they didn’t really have a plan. And how they never really broke up, despite all the discussion throughout the years saying so. I like that their history and message is kinda murky. Punk-Americana-roots-rockabilly-acoustic-hard-to-categorize-X. Like they’ve always been.

My brother Kirk first introduced me to X, way back when. X has continued to inspire over the years. I listen to them even if no one else in my family really gets it. I happily shout along with Exene Cervenka:

What’s wrong with me?
What’s wrong with me?
What’s wrong with me?
None of your goddamn business!

Banner Prime NumberIn more recent years, my appreciation for X prompted me to write a short piece of fiction, first as a Flag Day challenge and subsequently published in Prime Number Magazine. This was one of my favorite story projects that year: writing a war story, a home story and an X story all in one.

XSeeHowWeAreHere’s the link to the 4th of July — a favorite Dave Alvin song sung by X on See How We Are.

X is one of those bands you gotta play loud. I reckon they’re plenty loud these days, too — plugged or not.



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1 Response to X then and now…and inspiring a short story

  1. ajponder says:

    Gosh, I can hardly believe you’re back already, and with a very cool published piece no less. Very clever, especially the flag 😉

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