Tuesday Poem: Letting Poetry, Prose and Conversation Flow…

June was a fast-paced month, with National Flash Fiction Day (with many NZ poets involved, including competition winners Frankie McMillan, Rebecca Styles and Tuesday Poem’s own Mary McCallum) and the international FLASH MOB 2013 (which also saw many NZ writers involved, including TP’s Andrew Bell and Leah McMenamin).

APC rasnake image

So this week, I’m posting a quieter conversation with Sam Rasnake. This dialogue began when I was hub editor at the Tuesday Poem site last month (where Sam and I discussed his poem Some Last Things), and it continues this month at Awkword Paper Cut. The focus is on two Rasnake poems, ‘Lines Torn from a July Morning’ and ‘Little by Little, the Beautiful World’, both published at fwriction: review

“I have no real notion of where the poem is headed. I don’t know how it will end. I don’t want to know. I want the closing to be what is needed for the work, and not what I want from the closing.” – Sam Rasnake

Read the rest of this exploration of poetry and prose here.


More Tuesday poems from the terrific and eclectic mix of Tuesday Poets below. Just click on over to the main hub and see what’s happening. This week we have James Norcliffe at the hub plus more cross-continental poetry fun in the margins.

Tuesday Poem For more Tuesday Poems, go here.

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1 Response to Tuesday Poem: Letting Poetry, Prose and Conversation Flow…

  1. Loved this interview with Sam. Thanks to both of you. He does make it seem easy 🙂

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