Tuesday Poem: i.m. Sarah Broom

Sarah BroomLast week, the literary community lost an inspired poet when Sarah Broom succumbed to a long battle with illness. And so I honour Sarah’s memory by mentioning her collection of poetry Tigers at Awhitu (AUP 2010), and a poem from this collection that I first read at the Tuesday Poem hub, posted in December 2012 by Helen Lowe. 

Tigers-at-Awhitu-PD-1“All my life” is a remarkable poem — subtle and strong in language; brave and surprising in its observations. Please check out this poem at the Tuesday Poem hub – it’s worth reading several times.

And if you are inspired by this poem, you don’t have to look far to find plenty of wonderful reviews of Tigers at Awhitu — such as those by Paula Green (NZ Herald) and Cy Mattews (Landfall Review Online) and at Joanna Preston (NZ Poetry Society).  

You can also find a loving and warm tribute to Sarah Broom by Jack Ross at his blog today. Memorial services are tomorrow — details here


And please check out the communal birthday poem at Tuesday Poem hub, which is coming to its last stanza tomorrow, when Tim Jones adds the final stanza.

Tuesday Poem For more Tuesday Poems, go here.

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1 Response to Tuesday Poem: i.m. Sarah Broom

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Thanks for sharing your tribute to Sarah, Michelle. She definitely leaves a gap.

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