Tuesday Poem: ‘Sea Song’ by Michelle Elvy

I have a  circumnavigation on my mind, plus this week we’ll publish the travel issue of New Zealand’s flash journal, Flash Frontier (current issue here), so this poem suits my mood for a number of reasons. 

This poem was featured last week at ArtBeat in Whangarei — and was also featured for last year’s Valentine’s Day poem at Lou Freshwater‘s site. Thanks to the organisers of the Poetry Wall at ArtBeat 2013, which included works by other poets in the Take Flight poetry group as well.

Sea Song

you’ll be gone forever
and a day
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnaw. just three oceans. once
you’ll meet mermaids
and sirens
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyes. but my journey
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAends here, with you
you’ll forget
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAi’ll see you in the sea
how do you know?
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAbecause your eyes are in the sun
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyour hips on every wave
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyour breath the wind
will you remember this?
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthis i’ll remember most of all
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe space between your belly button and rib
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe distance from your shoulder to wrist
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe miles from knee down to toe
ok then
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAlet me dive into your southern ocean



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3 Responses to Tuesday Poem: ‘Sea Song’ by Michelle Elvy

  1. Kathy Sewell says:

    I really enjoyed this poem. Reread a few times and each time I found more. Very clever, has great depth.

  2. raeroadley says:

    Lovely, lovely poem!

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