Tuesday Poem: “Grace” by Michelle Elvy

one of my own this week…


Your blue undulating world is unchanging except for the mahimahi’s splash as he emerges from his, driven only by his desire to return to the deep but you’ve got him on your hook and he colours your world bright spotted yellow-green-silver, shimmering in taught struggle then fading in defeat

You are not an old man and he is not a marlin but he is mighty just the same and you are awed by his ancient beauty and nourished by his muscular presence dogged and true only to himself for he contains everlasting grace and you will not forget this as you carefully cut into his meat


This poem was recently published in the Thrush Press Broadside Series, thanks to editor Helen Vitoria. You can read all the other poems in this beautiful series of hand-stamped artworks of poetry (available for purchase too — great Xmas gifts!) at the Thrush Press site, here.  Very honoured to be included in this series. 


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2 Responses to Tuesday Poem: “Grace” by Michelle Elvy

  1. pscottier says:

    Really interesting structure to this one; the two halves of the poem, one dealing more with the fish, the other with the fisher, but with lots of movement between the two. And the end of each section rhymes, too, which is unusual in a prose poem.

    I enjoyed this, Michelle.

  2. I enjoyed this Michelle and the acknowledgement given to fish and man. Shades of ‘Old Man and the Sea.’ And like Penelope I found the two end rhymes worked well. The whole poem gives much food for thought. Thankyou.

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