Tuesday Poem: Poetry and Pecha Kucha

One Day Around the World


OK so this is not a ‘poem’ in the traditional sense but it is a poetic journey of sorts. 

For the September 20 Pecha Kucha in Whangarei (City # 291), I worked with Michael Rewi-Thorsen and Peter Larsen to bring together a collection of photographs and words from around the world. What you see here in this presentation — One Day: August 18 2012 Around the World — is a collection of poetic meanderings, wordplay, reflections, travel commentaries and frank observations from 20 different views. These views are organised sequentially from the first view of the day (7am, Greenwich, London) to a final view of the night (Sydney, Australia).

Participants in the August 18 One Day project, in order of appearance in the presentation, were Julian Reid (Greenwich, London), Christopher Allen (Italy), Tamara Roscoe (Western Australia), Robin Grotke (North Carolina), Ian-John Hutchinson (South Korea),  Abha Iyengar (New Delhi, India), Gus Simonovic (Norwegian Film Festival, Haugesund, Norway),Kulpreet Yadav (New Delhi, India), Vivian Prescott (Sitka, Alaska), Dušan Nešković (Serbia),Jaypee Belarmino (Gore, New Zealand), Rose Hunter (Chacala, Mexico), Hilary Derrick(Nepal), Dorothee Lang (smalltown Germany), Aaron Edwards (Viñales, Cuba), Walter Bjorkman (Rome, New York), Adam Newman (New Orleans), Kara Dodson (Ayers Rock, Australia), Axelle Faur (Amboise, France) and Kokkai Ng (Sydney, Australia).

This can also be viewed along with other wonderfully creative projects at the recent release of the Aotearoa Affair Blog Carnival, which contains poetry, short story, commentary, video, interview and more and includes, among others, poets Paula Green, Andrew Bell, Helen Lowe, Hinemoana Baker, Beate Jones, Piet Nieuwland, Vaughan Gunson, Karen Tribbe, Gus Simonovic and Maureen Sudlow. 


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3 Responses to Tuesday Poem: Poetry and Pecha Kucha

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Fabulous project, Michelle. 🙂

  2. Enjoyed this today…better late than never!

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