Tuesday Poem: ‘The Red Weaver’ by Christine Swint

—after La tejedora roja by Remedios Varo

In a corner of a dark room she winds
a skein of rose-colored wool into a ball.
Behind her graying crown of braids,
fleur-de-lis on papered walls
reflect their vague faces in the mirror,
and from the open window filter
fresh cut grass, lavender, sweet basil,
pale evening sun, breezes.
She breathes in the clear light of being,
and shuts her eyes.
She dreams the red scarf she will knit
has gathered itself from her lap
and become a woman. Auburn hair, arms
open like wings. Poised to fly under the sash.
She wakes in her chair, wonders where
the scarf lady has flown. The light
in the room has faded. Coarse
wool rubs against her fingers. She casts
on the first row. Shadows and sunset
shift like flames through the glass.

This poem was first published in Blue Five Notebook‘s 2011 spring quarterly, RED, and nominated for the Best of the Net 2011 by Blue Fifth ReviewChristine Swint is a teacher of English, Spanish, and occasionally yoga. She lives with her husband, her two sons, and her dogs, Red and Duffy. Her work has appeared recently in Ouoroboros ReviewPoets for Living Waters, and The Cordite Review.

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4 Responses to Tuesday Poem: ‘The Red Weaver’ by Christine Swint

  1. Wow, the image of the red scarf transforming into an auburn-haired (bird-like?) woman who flies is rather breathtaking. There is such vibrancy to it! Thanks for sharing Christine’s work, Michelle 🙂

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  3. gurglewords says:

    She has absolutely captured that feeling of a painting by one of the old masters…is what I thought. It’s full of the observations that often go with a woman (or anyone) performing that meditative task of winding wool. And then I went back and clicked on the link! Even though the room is dark the poem is full of colour. Thankyou for posting this Michelle 😉

  4. Deb Scott says:

    Wonderful music and images, subtle craft invisible but ringing. Thank you for posting Christine’s poem. I am so pleased to be able to read her words.

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