Summer / Winter: a collaboration with Walter Bjorkman


This poetry collab is posted for this month’s Aotearoa Affair Blog Carnival, hosted by Christopher Allen. The theme this month is “Bi”  — so this 2011 collaboration across seasons and hemispheres seemed to fit. Walter has also posted a collab revival at Quik-bake Synthetics (where he does other cool stuff too).
These two poems and photographs were originally published in BluePrint Review issue #27, 2011. For more about the collaborative process, you can read a short commentary here.
Meanwhile, this is also posted just in time for my Tuesday Poem this week.  Thanks go out to Walter Bjorkman, Dorothee Lang, Christopher Allen and of course the Tuesday Poets as well.
Tuesday Poem For more Tuesday Poems, go here.
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3 Responses to Summer / Winter: a collaboration with Walter Bjorkman

  1. gurglewords says:

    Wow Michelle.This is marvellous stuff. so full of energy ice and snow and tugs of memories and fire and ice and..Love the alliteration the collaboration. It begs to be performed and somehow all at once and interchangeable with images flashing behind.

    • Thanks much, Helen. This was such a great project to work on, and the way it evolved was really neat, me in my own season, Walter in his and half-way round the world… He’s a terrific Brooklyn poet and does amazing stuff, so working with him here and in other places has been really interesting. I always find that with this kind of collab you end up with something greater than the beginning parts. Thanks for coming around this week. I’m making my way around in the coming days, too… 🙂

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