Language and Place: A Carnival Well Worth Attending

I don’t get here often enough. I’m usually off somewhere else. Reading, editing, maybe sailing or playing squash if time allows. But really I should not neglect this space, because it’s a place to share things that are really cool.

Which brings me to a wonderful project worth writing about: it’s Dorothee Lang’s Language/Place Blog Carnival

It’s now in its fifth rendition, hosted this time by Parmanu in a marvelously curated collection called a


You can get the flavor by reading the first few lines on his site:

A teacher finds how much he can learn about himself through lessons to a second-language English student.

A newcomer realizes that a place is not what it first seems to be.

A traveler learns that a city can break a friendship.

A group of marines discover a working telephone in the middle of a Central American jungle.

An outsider experiences the strangeness of discovering others like himself in a foreign land.

And you can enter the MUSEUM by visiting his site here and walking through the exhibit rooms, where you’ll find works by Jean Morris, Gwen Williams, Dave Bonta, Michael Dickel, Brigita Orel, David Backer, Michael Solender, Rose Hunter, Linda Hofke, Christopher Bowen, Dorothee Lang, Nicolette Wong, Julia K. Davies, Steve Wing, Laurie Kolp, and Elizabeth Adams.

If you are not familiar with the Language/Place Carnival, go take a stroll. Dorothee Lang knows how to bring people together in a meaningful way, and Parmanu’s edition is full of surprises.

Join the carnival!

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1 Response to Language and Place: A Carnival Well Worth Attending

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