Dorothee Lang does cool stuff. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

This time, she has found a way to connect people from all over the globe in her new Blog Carnival. Here you will find stories about home and homelessness, longing and love and language, about places lost and found. Dorothee brings together bloggers from faraway places. Featured on her Blog Carnival of Language and Place, you’ll find writers and experiences as varied as


Steve Wing in Senegal

Karen Eisler in Vancouver

Michael Solender in India

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming in Hong Kong

Brigita Orel lives in Slovenia

Vivian Faith Prescott among the Alaskan Tlingits

Rose Hunter in Mexico

Parmanu in Germany

Daniela Elza in Canada, via Bulgaria and Nigeria

Sherry O’Keefe in Montana

Satu Kaikkonen in Finnland

Cathy Douglas in Wisconsin (and needing Spanish)

Jean Morris in London

Christopher Allen in Prague

Matt Potter somewhere between Berlin and Adelaide

Nicolette Wong in Hong Kong

Dorothee Lang in Germany

Tania Hershman about living in Israel and Britain

Petina Gappah in Switzerland

Jennifer Saunders in Switzerland

Kate Thorpe in Germany

Stella Pierides in Bavaria and London, originally from Greece

Vera Ulea in between Russian and English with some Ukrainian thrown in

Ankur Agarwal in Bangalore, on the beauty of French

Michelle Elvy, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

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